Wills / Trusts

The Law Office of Keith Peterson provides estate planning that includes wills, trusts, family limited partnerships, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, living wills, and related services. The legal services are designed to meet each person's specific needs without creating unnecessary burden to the family over a lifetime. A balance is required between the use of trusts and wills with trusts being used only under limited circumstances such as to minimize the need for probate proceedings in multiple states. Many attorneys recommend the use of trusts when such trusts are costly and may not be needed.

Living Documents

The Law Office of Keith Peterson considers those documents that are designed to be effective during the client's lifetime as "Living Documents." These documents consist of financial and healthcare powers of attorneys, HIPAA releases, guardian directives, and living wills. The documents are effective only during the client's lifetime and become ineffective upon death. The documents identify and appoint family members or others who will act on behalf of the client if he or she is unable to make critical decisions for himself or herself.

Other Considerations

Estate planning requires more than providing wills, trusts, and living documents. Other considerations in making an effective estate plan include the relationship of the husband and wife, the type of assets of the parties, other family dynamics that may require family partnerships, assets held outside of the State of Texas, and the relationship of family members such as children and their spouses. These considerations go beyond commonly drafted wills, trusts, and living documents. Keith Peterson brings over twenty-five years of business, estate, and accounting experience to make effective and efficient estate plans for his clients.

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